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A Bit About Us

How We Got Started

            Tirunelveli has a history going back more than 1500 years with a rich cultural heritage. We envisioned a fully capable centre for diagnosis and treatment for complex neurological problems in Tirunelveli. We thought of a centre which will obliviate the need for people in the southern districts to travel to Chennai or other cities in search of the answers to their neurological problems. 

          To address the lack of a dedicated centre to deal with neurological problems which are faced by the local population and to provide a affordable and excellent care - PS Neuro Centre came into existence on 30th August 2020.

          The hospital has fully functional neurology out patient departments(OPDs) with specialty clinics to cater to specific neurological disorders. It has facilities to admit and evaluate patients in the adjacent PS Hospital. There is a in house laboratory, pharmacy and a full spectrum electrodiagnostic services to complement the diagnosis of patients with neurological disorders.

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